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Identifying issues within businesses can be costly, time-consuming, and stressful, creating obstacles to effectively resolving the challenges you are encountering.
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Unlock the full potential of your business by gaining valuable insights through our customized assessments, enabling you to understand your company better and make informed decisions.
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Identifying and addressing issues within businesses can be a costly, time-sensitive, and demanding process, which can impede the resolution of the problems you are facing.

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Identifying and addressing issues within businesses can present challenges due to the associated costs, time constraints, and demanding nature of the process. These factors can potentially hinder the timely resolution of the problems you are currently facing.
Our business assessment includes comprehensive analysis, catered to you business.

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Frequently Asked Questions
You can find the “Take an Assessment'' button on the top banner that will take you to our application site. Click on “Create a new account” and fill in the required information on the sign-up page. You will be asked to verify your email address using a link sent to your email. The link will take you to our login page where you have to log in using the email address and password you have set. Your account has been successfully created!
The Panorama Assessment App is a comprehensive multiple choice questionnaire consisting of questions from the eight business blocks of a business covering areas like purpose, people, customer, marketing and more. Visit our Panorama Assessment App page for more info!
You can avail a free assessment which will give you access to a summary report. The paid plans let you take up to four assessments per user giving you access to our detailed report and executive. For more information, visit our Pricing and Plans page.
Our assessment contains eight sections covering the seven plus one (7+1) blocks of your business. Namely: Purpose, People, Customer, Marketing, Operation & Technology, Reporting & Feedback, Financial Control and Cash Flow. The number of questions for each block vary from section to section and some questions may assess your business in multiple areas.
The basic package only allows you to take one assessment within 30 days of availing the plan whereas the Standard has two and, the Premium, or the Enterprise Plan gives you up to four assessments per user. However, the purpose of multiple assessments is to be able to measure your progress over certain periods within the duration of the plans. Therefore, you cannot take another assessment before 30 days of taking one. We encourage honest and well thought out responses for the assessment, as it reflects your company's current state.
Based on the subscription plan, you can avail varying levels of detailed reports. However, the summary report is open to all and scores your business based on the eight business blocks and your clarity on the business. To see our sample reports, click here.
No, your data is confidential with us. We prioritize your privacy, and we don't share your data with anyone other than our consultants and analytics team.
Average of 45 mins to an hour. We recommend that we refrain from over analyzing and answer honestly and candidly. Moreover, you will be able to pause and resume later on so do not worry about having to complete it all at once.
No, you can save and come back to the last section you were answering whenever you want.
Yes, the Panorama Assessment App is accessible on a laptop, PC, smartphones and tablets. However, your progress on one device will not carry over to another. Therefore, an assessment needs to be completed on one device at a time. Your report can be accessed from any device.
For assistance with technical issues, please contact us at info@panoramamas.com. A support staff will reach out to you within 24-48 hours. To report a bug, go to our "Report & Feedback" page in the Dashboard and report your issues.
Yes, you will find the option to generate a detailed PDF of your report for sharing, printing or distribution for all the paid plans. However, the PDF generation is not available for the Basic Plan.
Yes. In the free plan, you can take one assessment, two assessments in the standard plan, and four assessments in both the premium and enterprise plans. To get a comprehensive feature list,click here.
Yes, you can leave at any point and return to the last section you were answering when you come back to the assessment.
For assistance with technical issues, please contact us at info@panoramamas.com. A support staff will reach out to you within 24-48 hours. To report a bug, go to our "Report & Feedback" page in the Dashboard and report your issues.
No. However, we recommend Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox for the best experience.
Yes, you can update your profile and business info from the “Profile” section of our dashboard.
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